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MahaShivaratri Pooja Vidhi”(पूजन विधि) In Hindi,English,Marathi,Gujarati,Tamil,Telugu,Kannada 2018

MahaShivaratri Pooja Vidhi”(पूजन विधि) In Hindi,English,Marathi,Gujarati,Tamil,Telugu,Kannada 2018 :->> Hello Guys’,,Welcome To All My Own Website ‘‘Www.Mahashivratri.co.in”..This Website Is Dedicated To All Viewers Who Loves To Celebrate This Festival..At That Time We Back With New Post Which We Tell You How To Prepare Mahashivratri At Your Home?,Mahashivratri Pooja Vidhi In All Languages Like Hindi,English,Marathi,Gujarati,Tamil,Telugu,Kannada,Malayalam,Sanskrit,Nepali,Bengali Etc..So That Guys Here You Can Get All Details For Mahashivratri 2018.. This is Such A Great And Awesome Festival..

The Most important Festival Of Mahashivratri Is Coming And Its Preparations Have started in the pagoda..it is said that due to fasting on the day of Mahashivaratri And Worshiping,All The Suffering Are Removed..on this day who worships lord shiva,it is possible to overcome the problems of ghosts and problems from the planets.lets know “”how to Worship Lord Shiva On This day And Know What Is Method Of Worship???..

Mahashivratri Puja Vidhi 2018

At The time of worshiping mahashivratri,first fill the water in the pot,pour the bell leaf,dhatura floral,rice etc..and offer it on shivlinga..if there is no pagoda around the house,then it can also be worshiped by making shivling from pure wet soil..on the same day,the lessons of shiva purana should be recited and recited..In Shiva Purana ”Mahashivaratri has been told about the worship of the day and night and after getting burnt in the shivalinga on the fourteenth day.it is found that the eternal grace of shiva is obtained by offering a bail-outs.many people also worship four afar in which they have to perform rudra bhusak repeatedly..

Chant the mantra of shiva pankraksha {Namah Shivaya}In the worship of the four prahals..bhav,sharve,rudra,pashupati,furious,mahan,bhima and ishaan,offering flowers by these eight names ..do the aarti and orbit of lord shiva If You Have not made the fast then you must do general worship.In Which Shivalinga can take bath with holy water,milk and honey ..offer bellops to god.after this do the sunlight.then burn the lamp.by doing so all the troubles are removed .chant these two mantras on this day”..

“”शिव वंदना
ॐ वन्दे देव उमापतिं सुरगुरुं, वन्दे जगत्कारणम्।
वन्दे पन्नगभूषणं मृगधरं, वन्दे पशूनां पतिम्।।
वन्दे सूर्य शशांक वह्नि नयनं, वन्दे मुकुन्दप्रियम्।
वन्दे भक्त जनाश्रयं च वरदं, वन्दे शिवंशंकरम्।।

Mahashivaratri Pooja Vidhi In Marathi

Mahashivratri Pooja Vidhi Gujarati

Mahashivratri Pooja Vidhi In Kannada

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